This Baby Antelope Was Going to Be a Lion’s Lunch. What Happens Next Seems Impossible.


They don’t call it the “circle of life” for nothing. As beautiful and majestic as wild animals can be, we seems forget that there is a food chain and a hierarchy in nature.

For herd animals like antelope, dealing with dangerous predators is a part of every day life. Usually, it’s the youngest and weakest who, unable to keep up with the escaping herd, fall prey to the hunting big cats. But, on this day in Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda, something magical happened…
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This French Bulldog Puppy Isn’t Ready to Sleep Yet, Thank You.


Every once in a while on the interwebs a video comes along that warms your heart near to the boiling point. It’s not easy to do — and it doesn’t happen every day — but sometimes you see an animal do something that is just too cute for words.«See what happens next»

Meet Snoopybabe: The World’s Cutest Cat. 16 Must See Photos!


I’m not sure if “love at first sight” is possible in animals, but if it is, I think I’m in love with this cat. Meet Snoopybabe, the world’s cutest cat! His whole country of China fell in love with him, and now, he’s becoming a viral sensation all over the world. He’s bringing world peace one cute stare after another.«See what happens next»

Only Dog Owners Will Understand These 10 Photos. #6 Is Especially Cute


There are certain things that only dog owners fully understand. Dogs, as most know, are extremely intelligent companions, but they also can develops certain peculiar personalities. These pictures seem to show off a few things about dogs that, whether you love it or hate it, make them who they are. Enjoy!«See what happens next»

9 Unbelievable Close-Ups of Animals’ Eyes. #7 Is Just Creepy.


Humans aren’t the only ones with cool looking eyes. In fact, I’d say compared to these photos, humans’ eyes are nearly as neat as these animals! «See what happens next»

Motherly Love: 7 Heart-Warming Photos of Animals Taking Care of Other Species. #6 Seems Impossible


Some of the most awkward relationships make out to be the best ones. It’s not uncommon for animals to develop strong relationships with other species, and sometimes, it’s absolutely heartwarming. Check out these photos of inter-species relations that are sure to get your heart!«See what happens next»

Everything You Ever Thought About the Platypus is Wrong. Here’s Why.


So, what do you know about the platypus? They’re poisonous, eh? They live in the wild, not too friendly or playful or known for human contact. They don’t coo and ooo like babies. They definitely wouldn’t roll over and let you pet their bellies or laugh and giggle. Well, turns out that’s all mostly wrong.«See what happens next»

10 Photos of the World’s Happiest Animals. #2 Will Make You Laugh and Cry.


It’s hard not to keep your lips from smiling when you take a look at these photos of the happiest animals. From being discovering a new toy to being happy because he/she was rescued, these animals were illuminated with joy and caught on camera!«See what happens next»

These 11 Selfies Prove Big Dogs LOVE to Be Held Like Babies


It all started in Reddit’s Aww section when a user posted a photo of him and his golden retriever with the caption that his big dog loves to be held by a baby. Very quickly a host of other users decided to hop in and post adorable photos of them holding their own big dogs like babies!«See what happens next»

These Dolphins Have an Awesome Secret Talent. You’ll Be Amazed When You See What It Is.


Dolphins are some of the most amazing creatures in nature. Part of what makes them so amazing is their ability to bond, relate with, and mimic human behavior. Clearly, they’ve earned their nickname “the dog of the sea”.«See what happens next»